With our BSEN-1090-2 certificate this gives us the opportunity to weld and fabricate many products at a very high standard we specialise in MiG/Tig welding.

Welding Capabilities

We have 50+ years of experience as a welding/fabrication company. From construction industry to rail, medical, recycling, our advanced engineers are relied upon in almost every sector. We offer a range of quality metal fabrication and welding services following the standards of BSEN-1090-2 ISO-9001 AND IS0-14001.

welding capabilitys

MIG & TIG Welding

Metal Fabrication Bucks welders use both Metal Inert Gas (MIG) and Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) in a variety of welding applications, all certified BSEN-1090-2 with all materials being CE tracked.

Our MIG and TIG welding team receive continuous training to maintain their exceptional level of work. While each process has its advantages, our welders maintain a number of skill sets allowing us to easily accommodate a variety of different projects.

Welding Machinery

We believe our workers are only as good as the equipment they get to use, so we continuously invest in new machinery for our team. Recently invested in new kempi MiG welders for our steel work and Jasic MiG and tig welders for our aluminium welding processes.

Metal cutting with acetylene torch close-up on low ligth