Bending & Forming

We have many ways of forming materials but thrive off the potential of our new 200ton 4metre pressbrake.

Highest Quality Bending & Forming

Metal Fabrication Bucks Limited pride themselves with the highest quality bending and forming, working with tight tolerance and complex designs is made that little bit easier with our latest investment being Hexagons new RADbend and Radan Designer packages makes bending high volume, small volume and complex parts a breeze.

Metal Press Brake, Servo Bending Machine

Bending and forming Machinery

We have various Bending and Forming machines that work to tight tolerances, but we are most pleased with our latest investment being a 4metre 220Ton press brake for all of your bending needs this machine can produce the highest quality parts from large copings and roof coverings to small intricate brackets to support them. With its large tonnage this machine can bend extremely thick materials from aluminium, mild steel and stainless steel please enquire if you have special material needs.

Bending and forming Software

Bending with high end bending and designer packages makes production of various parts a lot easier for our operators to produces more parts in a faster turnaround, because it cuts out the drawing of individual parts, if you know the in-depth task of drawing and creating a complex part on a cad system you will understand cutting out this operation will speed up process astronomically. If we are provided with the right files including DWG, STP and any 3D drawing files that your design package produces, our software can unfold these and send them to our machines and are ready to cut in an instant.

bending and forming software